In the Woolie, Marlon Dingle is feeling smug. New to the world of dating apps, he’s already bagged a date while Paddy is getting nowhere with it all. But what will Paddy do when his best mate’s date slips him her number… Will the single vet break the bro’ code?

On a mission to rattle Emma for what she’s done to her brother and stepmum, Gabby rolls out a plan. In the graveyard, Emma’s thrown when she finds a prayer card on James’ grave. She’s desperate to believe it’s a sign from her ex, who she secretly pushed off a bridge to his death, and later tells the boys as much.

Having got some dirt on Lachlan, Robert takes Lachlan’s mate Gerry to one side and shares a few choice words. Will Robert say enough to force Gerry to do his bidding?