Marlon discovers Donna’s devastating secret

*First episode*

Marlon turns detective to find out what’s going on with Donna so he sneaks in her room for clues. As he rummages around her things, he discovers a box of medication… Later, Rhona tells Donna that it’s time she told Marlon about her terminal illness but as they prepare to confront him with the truth, he reveals that he already knows.

Adam finds himself without a place to live when Andy kicks him out and when he finds his family aren’t exactly rallying to his side, he quits his job at the farm, too! Later, Katie tries to talk Andy round, but he’s adamant that someone should pay for what he’s going through.

When Zak turns up Brook Cottage to fix a broken window it’s clear that he doesn’t trust Sam’s new lady friend, Tracy, when he has a quiet word with her behind his son’s back and later asks Robbie to keep an eye on her… Meanwhile, as Megan and Leyla try to restart the wedding planning business, it looks like they have their first client – Laurel!