Marlon’s in hot water over Moira’s resignation when The Woolpack is left short staffed. He heads to Butler’s Farm to apologise and Moira returns to work. But it’s a case of too many cooks when the pair fall out yet again.

Playing happy families was never going to be a popular game with Cain, not when one of the players is Charity, anyway. Yes, they’re Debbie’s parents – and Sarah’s grandparents – but Cain liked things the way they were – basically with him calling the shots. Cain makes it very clear that he wants Charity gone. The trouble is, Debbie doesn’t; she wants her mum around – and Charity takes advantage of this. She overplays her hand, though, when she stops by the garage… Cain taunts her further and Charity snaps, declaring she’s only in Emmerdale because she has no other options. That’s not what Debbie wanted to hear…

There’s an unholy row brewing at the vicarage, too, as Sally settles back in. Laurel wants Ashley to act as counsellor and talk to Sally about her marriage problems and her plans for the future. Instead, though, Sally indulges in a bit of retail therapy and turns up at the church to show off her new wardrobe to Ashley. How’s Laurel going to react to that?

Meanwhile, Nathan continues to play games with Leyla, getting her to cancel the plans she had made with David to do him a favour. Just what is he up to?

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