Marlon finds a letter Carly has written to April

Marlon finds a letter Carly has written to little April. But can they accept devastated Carly has left their lives for good?

Marlon is still in his daughter April’s bad books. She thinks something has been going on between Marlon and his ex-wife Laurel and blames him for causing his girlfriend Carly to pack her bags and leave the village.

But little April is unaware Carly fled to Spain because she couldn’t handle the guilt of seeing April almost choke to death on a sweet recently. Carly froze in the moment when April started to choke, haunted by memories of her own baby boy Billy’s cot death. Only the quick thinking actions of Marlon saved the day. Luckily April was OK.

However, Carly can’t forgive herself for what almost happened and made the heartbreaking decision to flee from Marlon and April, the two people she loves most in the world, and accept a new job in Malaga.

But when Marlon stumbles upon a letter Carly has written to April, will it reveal the truth about Carly’s true intentions? And can dad and daughter cope with the fact they might not see Carly again?