Marlon finds out about Paddy’s affair…

Having found out that Leo’s been hurting April, Marlon fills in Rhona and Paddy as the three parents try to work out what to do and decipher why this has been happening.

Forced into a corner, Rhona and Paddy admit they’re having serious problems at home. Confessing to Marlon that he had an affair with Tess, Paddy tries to explain his behaviour to his best friend, who’s deeply shocked. The vet tells Marlon he wants to make his marriage work again, however, Rhona then breaks down on Marlon, confessing that she has no idea what she wants any more.

Cash-strapped Rakesh has taken to pawning his valuables in a bid to get some money together. At his stag do, drink loosens the disgraced lawyer’s tongue and he tells Jai, his soon-to-be-brother-in-law he’s seriously broke. Meanwhile, Priya’s oblivious and lets her hair down at her hen do.

At Butler’s Farm, Cain and Moira try to reassure Noah who’s worried his jailbird mum Charity has done a bunk for good following her release from prison.