Marlon is horrified when he realises that Eli is getting him involved in a robbery when Eli asks Marlon to cause a distraction while he steals a truck from the Kings. A reluctant Marlon gets the security guard to help fix his car, but he’s horrified when Donna decides to meet him at the end of her patrol shift. Just as Donna arrives, Eli smashes through the gates of the haulage yard and speeds off in the truck. A guilty Marlon is forced to give a statement to Donna and he’s terrified she’ll find him out.

Victoria continues to bug the villagers with her questions about her mother’s death and she’s frustrated by the lack of answers. Jasmine finds an upset Victoria and after hearing her troubles she agrees to help her find out the truth. Jasmine does some digging, but she’s torn when she discovers that there is more to Sarah’s death than Victoria was told, just as Victoria suspected. Victoria is left frustrated yet again when Jasmine decides not to tell her what she’s found out.

Hari and Gray are interested when Jonny mentions that a racehorse he’s looking after is about to be retired and the enthusiastic gamblers decide to try life on the other side of the fence and buy the horse to race themselves. Gray feels guilty after agreeing to the scheme as he knows that Perdy would disapprove of him shelling out so much money and he asks Jonny to be discreet. Jonny can’t resist telling Paul what the boys are up to and Paul worries that Gray is keeping the scheme a secret from Perdy.

Also, Viv and Bob discuss Godparents for the twins.