Marlon and Lydia spend the night together! Or do they?

April isn't happy when she thinks her naughty dad Marlon has spent the night with Lydia and also kissed his ex-wife Laurel!

Marlon’s love-life is in a right old muddle now his girlfriend Carly has left him. But the pub chef is even more confused when he wakes up in lodger Lydia’s bedroom after a drunken night out! Has something saucy happened between the pair? After all, Lydia certainly has an eye for the men of Emmerdale and has already had disastrous dates with villagers Paddy, Rishi and Sam.

But the plot thickens when Marlon’s young daughter April thinks he kissed his ex, Laurel, and blames him for causing Carly to leave the village. Looks like Marlon has some big explaining to do.

*This is all the advanced information available for this episode