Marlon has a bit of a kitchen nightmare when he gets saucy with Moira in The Woolpack kitchen. She comes in to taste his Bolognese and tells him she’d have a real problem with her weight if she were his wife. Marlon takes that as a come-on, and tells Moira he’s got the hots for her.

Moira’s stunned and beats a hasty retreat. Once she’s regained her composure, she tells Marlon she’s just naturally flirty and didn’t realise he thought she was attracted to him. That leaves Marlon humiliated. Does this mean their cold war’s back on?

Cain wasn’t joking when he told Charity he loves her, so he has taken her betrayal pretty badly. Drowning his sorrows in the pub, he’s comforted by Zak. But Carl has no sympathy and takes great pleasure in taunting Cain about how he let Charity take him for a fool. Zak gets Cain out of the pub before he does any damage to Carl and, back at Tug Ghyll, he’s surprised when Cain tells him how he feels about Charity.

Olena the illegal immigrant resurfaces in the woods. Belle and Will find her again, but this time she’s got an injured leg.

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