Marlon makes a monumental decision

Marlon had his mind all made up: he was moving to New Zealand with Paddy, Rhona and his son, Leo. Then Laurel declared her love to him and he declared his love to her. Now Laurel has declared that she wants them to be a proper family – in Emmerdale. That gives Marlon a lot to think about. What does he want more? To be with Leo in New Zealand, or to be with Laurel in Emmerdale? He finally declares that he has made a decision: he wants to stay with Laurel!

Cain makes the decision to confront Cameron – again. This time, though, he does it when Debbie’s not around so she won’t get caught up in their confrontation and end up in hospital – again. Cain’s suspicious because Cameron disappeared when he should have been working in the garage. When he reappears Cain challenges him about where he’s been and what he’s been doing. But Cameron’s ready for him this time: he shows Cain exactly what he’s been doing – he has bought a ring for Debbie.

Charity has absolutely no suspicions about Jai and Rachel and that’s the way Jai wants to keep it. But Rachel is finding it hard to keep her mouth shut…