Marlon may be right to worry!

Marlon apologises to Donna for putting his foot in it and she agrees to let him back into the bedroom. Marlon cheerfully banks on a night of passion and he prepares a romantic meal. But the meal is wasted when a drunk Donna stays out late with Ross at a work do. Ross catches Donna when she stumbles and there’s a spark of attraction between them and when Donna gets in she and Marlon have another row.

David promises Jasmine that he’ll accompany her to Debbie’s 18th birthday party after abandoning her the night before. Nicola finds out and demands that David go to a business meeting and she spends the afternoon plying him with alcohol. David arrives at the party late and Jasmine and Debbie make cutting remarks about David being Nicola’s lapdog.

Sam discovers that Emily has slipped him some cash and he returns the money and vows to pay for the broken window himself. Lisa and Zak take it upon themselves to fix the window while Sam’s out but he sells his chickens to pay Lisa for her time, despite Lisa’s insistence that it was a favour.

Also, Debbie is touched when her family and friends organise a surprise 18th birthday party.