Marlon proposes to Laurel (VIDEO)

*Second episode*

With a little help from their friends, Marlon and Laurel get their happy ending. The chef proposes to a delighted Laurel, who’s forced to admit she has the ring jammed on her finger! The couple emerge from out back into the bar where the congratulations kick off.

Ashley, meanwhile is oblivious to the party atmos. He’s shaved off his beard and is ready to tell Laurel he still loves her. Asking to speak to Laurel alone, the disgraced vicar only finds out the big news after he’s confessed his love. Ouch.

Andy warns Kerry that Amy’s dinner is an important event, but the clumsy factory worker soon puts her foot in it by referring to Kyle as her grandson. Things go from bad to worse as Joanie finds out Kerry and Andy have a past, then the arguments start. Amy’s terrified she’s blown it with Joanie again.