Marlon confesses to Carly he kissed Laurel!

Marlon tells girlfriend Carly that he and his ex-wife Laurel shared a kiss in Emmerdale.

Having recently asked Carly to move in with him and April, Marlon doesn’t want anything to jeopardise matters – or for them to start off on the wrong foot. But when he admits he kissed his ex-wife Laurel, will she walk away or stick around?

Meanwhile, sickened by the sight of daughter-in-law Laurel kissing her ex, Sandy visits his son in the care home. Will his time with Ashley put Laurel’s mishap into perspective?

Jimmy fumes when he overhears Rakesh talking to David about a job he’s been offered overseas. Wanting to muck up the lawyer’s life, in revenge for what he did to Nicola, Jimmy makes sure David learns it was Rakesh who set fire to Mill Cottage, hoping the shopkeeper wont want his daughter Amba playing happy families with an arsonist for a stepdad… Later, someone clomps Rakesh over the head! Whodunnit?