Marlon tells Donna the truth!

Marlon feels under pressure to get Eli out of the house and he agrees to help Eli rob the Woolpack, but he freezes when Eli tries to force the door as memories of the bookie’s robbery come flooding back. Meanwhile, Donna determines to tell Marlon that Eli shot him. When Donna reveals all to Marlon he realises that there’s no choice but to come clean about the whole thing…

Laurel is desperate to have her baby and she tries every trick in the book to encourage her labour – including getting Ashley into bed! Ashley is distracted by a robbery at the church and puts off a disappointed Laurel’s demands.

Diane continues to scheme to push Val back into Pollard’s arms and she reminds her of how generous Pollard was with her. Val searches for an old Christmas gift of a rather nice locket from Pollard and Diane mentions Val’s search to him. But her plan backfires when Pollard confronts Val and she petulantly says she was going to pawn the locket. Billy is unimpressed by Diane’s meddling.

Also, Belle asks Rosemary if she can hold a party at her house.