*First episode*

It’s Marlon’s 40th birthday party and Paddy’s arranged for them to race around on quad bikes, but it nearly ends in tragedy when little April runs out into the road just as Adam comes tearing along on a bike. Luckily, Marlon comes to the rescue, but is startled when Donna appears and he realises that she’s the girl’s mother. But who’s the daddy?

Charity’s furious to discover that Jai’s found out about her plan to plead poverty in the divorce, and is determined to find the person who gave the game away. But she’s completely off the mark when she pins the blame on Finn. When Megan admits to Declan that it was all her doing, will he tell Charity or cover for his sister? 

As the Sharmas keep a close eye on Priya, David turns up with an overnight bag and offers to pitch in. But before he even gets a chance to get his coat off, Jai and Rishi send him on his way.