Marlon tries to sober up Laurel!

Marlon has words with Laurel when he finds his ex has fallen off the wagon

Alcoholic Laurel has fallen off the wagon and is back on the booze. Having woken up with the hangover from hell, she pretends that Ashley drank all the wine knowing full well that with his dementia, he won’t remember she’s an alcoholic! Escaping the house, Laurel bumps into Marlon who realises she’s had a drink and tries to talk some sense into her. Although she tries to get him to have a drink with her, he refuses and the vicar’s wife ends up trying to seduce her ex!

Rhona’s relationship with Pierce could be in jeopardy after Pearl overhears a conversation between Rhona and Vanessa and mistakenly thinks the two vets are having an affair again! Later, when Rhona tells Pierce what happened with Vanessa when she was addicted to painkillers, he tells her they should split up before someone gets hurt.

With Belle’s love life spiralling out of control, her mum Lisa asks Charity to keep quiet about Bailey being suspended from his job as she knows Belle won’t react well to the news…