Marlon tries to help Shadrach

Marlon tries to help his Uncle Shadrach and Shadders tries to help himself. He leaves a pint untouched in the pub – then cracks open a can. Does he want to die?

Natasha is discovering just how evil The Tormentor can be – it’s enough to make Nathan look like just a naughty little boy who throws tantrums to get Mummy’s attention. Natasha gets home and finds a torn-up photo of her and Mark and the awful truth hits her: The Tormentor has been in her house. She insisted she has nothing to hide but she hasn’t fooled anyone. And when her secret is out, the price is going to be a lot higher than 10 grand!

Talking of sniffing… Cocaine-lover Holly has been true to her word and hasn’t reverted to her bad habit. So, it’s safe for her to go on a night out with Aaron and Jackson, then – love is their only drug. Holly promises farmer John that he can trust her to steer clear of illegal substances – but can he?

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