Marlon wants a divorce

Eli worries about a heartbroken Marlon, who has no idea how to move on from Donna. Marlon and Eli share a drink, but when Marlon asks Eli to go, Eli worries that his brother may do something stupid. Marlon later tells Donna that he needs a word with her and she’s hopeful, but Donna is devastated when he tells her that his one true love was his late wife Tricia and tells her that he’s filing for divorce.

Lily arranges a surprise meeting between Paul and Jonny. The couple realise that they both still love each other, but they sadly realise that they can’t get back together when Jonny insists his life is now in Australia, while Paul feels he has to stay in the village for his father.

Mark employs Jamie to clean the windows at Pear Tree, but he’s annoyed when Jamie almost catches him with the information he has gathered on Jimmy. In his haste to get rid of Jamie, Mark pushes the ladder and it falls on Jamie and hurts his knee. Mark buys Jamie off with a cheque for 1,000 pounds on the condition that he never mentions the accident again.

Also, Jasmine worries Laurel and Ashley with an uncharacteristic outburst.

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