Ashley’s pushing Laurel to agree to renew their vows – and Marlon’s pushing Laurel for all or nothing. With all this pushing, Laurel has to be careful not to trip up and drop herself in it! Ashley takes her to the pub to try to sweet talk her into doing what he wants. Marlon finds out what they’re talking about and tells Laurel to meet him outside. So, while Ashley’s having a drink and telling his dad his big plans, Laurel’s outside, where Marlon’s telling her she has to choose: make the vows and stay with Ashley or vow to leave him for Marlon.

Amy has already made her big decision: she’s having her baby adopted. She’s also determined that Val and Pollard must never know, which could be a massive missed opportunity. Think about it: Val’s ready to adopt Amy and might be very keen to get an instant granddaughter. Amy will never know if she doesn’t tell her…

Holly wants her family back the way it was (tripping over each other in the kitchen and arguing about money all the time), but farmer John doesn’t – and Cain’s very interested to hear that Moira’s marriage is on the rocks.