Marlon’s a touch too much for Laurel

Laurel’s stuck at home when she wants to play with Marlon. Well, they’d be working on the cookbook, but it’s so much fun it feels like playing. She sneaks away, but is desperately disappointed to find Rachel already playing in the kitchen with Marlon. Laurel can’t contain the hurt she feels and Marlon gets Rachel to leave so they can talk. He’s stunned when he sees that Laurel feels he has let her down and holds on to her, telling her he would hate to fall out with her. That’s just what Laurel wants to hear, but she knows she shouldn’t care so much and she dashes off.

Jai didn’t want Charity to leave so he has told her the whole truth about him and Ella and about him being Mia’s father. Wow! She didn’t see that coming! Neither did Nikhil, who thinks Jai’s made a wrong move. Jai doesn’t think so – and he also thinks he’s doing the right thing by shaking Declan’s hand in the pub. But Declan just wants everyone to think the fight is over – he’s not really ready to forgive and forget.

David hasn’t forgotten that today would have been his wedding day. Quick, everyone – hide anything resembling a wedding dress in case he’s tempted again!