Marlon’s desperate without Donna

Marlon feels lonely without Donna at the caravan and he’s hurt when he discovers her wedding ring in the mud on the building site. Marlon tries to make things up to Donna by preparing a romantic meal and she apologises for losing her wedding ring, but she refuses to come back to the caravan. A desperate Marlon finds Eli and agrees to help him out with his dodgy job.

Victoria still has her mum on her mind and she gets tearful when she finds an old Mothers Day card that she sent to her. Andy comforts an upset Victoria, but he is uncomfortable when she starts asking questions about Sarah’s death. Victoria is suspicious that Andy is hiding something and she also asks Jack why he went away after Sarah died in the fire. Victoria’s suspicions are partly laid to rest when Jack reveals that he had a breakdown, but a worried Diane suggests to Jack that he tell Victoria the truth about Sarah’s death, rather than risking her discovering it herself.

Viv sees Ashley in the café and she’s set thinking when Ashley asks whether she’ll be holding a Christening for the twins. Viv is excited at the thought of showing off the babies and she’s pleased when Bob thinks it’s a good idea. Viv sets to work straight away and starts making lists, as well as arranging a date with Ashley. Viv convinces Bob to leave Kelly with the twins while they head out to go shopping for the Christening.

Also, Rosemary is thoughtful when Gray suggests that the King brothers may get off the murder charges through lack of evidence.