Marlon has been to see his solicitor and has been told he has the right to have reasonable access to Leo. The way Marlon sees it, there’s nothing reasonable about Rhona and Paddy taking Leo more than 11,000 miles away to New Zealand, so he’s going to do everything he can to stop that happening. Laurel offers tea and sympathy, but Marlon needs more. He needs a plan to keep Leo in Emmerdale, but to make one he really needs to be on speaking terms with Paddy and Rhona and right now Marlon’s not even going to their wedding!

Charity’s brilliant at making plans. Her latest mission – with Rishi riding shotgun – is to get her hands on Carl and Jimmy’s business – or what’s left of it, which is the trucks. But it’s a case of ‘slowly, slowly catchee monkey’ as Carl is very resistant and even more suspicious. Still, she does get the Kings to sign over 20 per cent of Emmerdale Haulage – and she does it by playing dirtier than even Rishi expected.

Rachel’s brain cell has been working overtime and she’s decided she will accept Jai’s offer of a flat – but she’ll decide where it’s going to be. Then she tells the rest of her family she’s pregnant and they’re shocked. Why??? She’s been throwing herself at men all over Emmerdale!