Marlon’s reunited with April!

As the villagers prepare to say farewell to Donna, her daughter April is still missing and Marlon is fraught with worry as the police search continues… Time ticks on and April still hasn’t been found so Marlon thinks he should tell the police about Ross and Donna’s criminal dealings with Gary North because he suspects one of the crook’s dodgy contacts may have nabbed the little girl when she went walkabout last week. Meanwhile, Ross has found April in one of the cars at the garage. But when Ross returns the little girl to her dad, will he find Marlon has blown the lid on Donna’s double life?

After Edna told the police that she had spotted Aaron in the village, the cops are on high alert as they look for the fugitive. Cain, however, has hatched a plan to throw them off the scent and it appears to have worked when the police tell Chas that her son has been spotted down south! Meanwhile, Paddy gets narky with Edna when he finds out what she’s done. Will he tell her that Aaron’s on the run for a crime he didn’t commit and is taking the rap for his mate Adam?

Elsewhere, Marlon tells Laurel they should forge ahead with their wedding plans because it will help to take April’s mind off things, and Vanessa agrees to have a relationship with Kirin but only if they keep it secret.