Marlon’s upset by Eli’s revelation

Marlon is on the defensive when Donna brings up a recent robbery in the area and reveals that she’s determined to find out more about it, convinced it may be linked to the raid at the bookie’s. Debbie hints that Donna is getting close to the truth and both Marlon and Eli feel uncomfortable. Marlon is angry that Eli has told Debbie about the robbery but Eli promises that Debbie’s won’t blab.

Rosemary is unhappy with Gray’s increasing closeness to Paul and she tries to stir by hinting to Jonny that it may be more than friendship. Rosemary is surprised to find that Jonny already knows that Gray is gay and she realises she has the ammunition to distance Paul and her son. Rosemary tells Gray that Jonny knows his secret and Gray angrily confronts a shame-faced Paul for betraying his confidence.

Jo thanks Sam for suggesting the petting farm and she starts to get her business venture ready to launch. Andy thinks it’s amusing that Jo and Sam are still thinking of farm animals as pets and he encourages them to stop being so sentimental.

Also, Jasmine is defiant in the face of the negative reaction to her renewed relationship with David.