Marnie concocts a wicked plan…

Marnie calls Mac for help - but it seems she's up to no good

There’s a break-in at Nightingale’s restaurant and Marnie calls for Mac’s help – but it turns out she’s set it up to get his attention. John Paul and Scott book a table there for dinner but John Paul’s hoping to see James. Elsewhere, Marnie asks Ellie to help drive a wedge between Neeta and Mac.

Meanwhile, Grace has had enough of her brothers hanging around and tells them to get their acts together or they’re out of the flat and her life. Liam tells Adam their idea to renovate the downstairs of The Loft into a salon and they plan how to convince Grace. After giving her a makeover, Grace gives them a one-month trial.

Maxine’s planning an engagement party for her and ‘Mike’ – aka Warren – but he’s distracted looking for something in her flat. Warren hides when Maxine gets home with Nancy and Darren and is intrigued when he gets a hint of something Maxine’s not telling him about Patrick.

Maxine meets Warren at his flat and he proposes to her properly – but after Nancy’s words of wisdom about slowing things down, what will Maxine say? Later, James turns up at Warren’s flat and tells Warren to get him his money. Warren reassures him it’s only a matter of time…