With Marnie growing frustrated with how long it’s taking to get her hands on The Hutch, James promises he’ll make a breakthrough by the end of the day, giving a knowing look to Scott. James gives Scott an idea of watering down the spirits to save money, while Marnie is reluctantly becoming ‘best friends’ with Diane. Later, Marnie and James report The Hutch to the Consumer Institute for tampering with the spirits!

With the village in shock after the latest arrest for the Gloved Hand killings, Lindsey faces a tribunal at work but convinces the medical board to let her keep her job. Celine and Tegan can’t believe what’s happened and decide to do everything they can to free their friend but, when Lindsey tells them she thinks Kim could be guilty, it doesn’t take much for them to be convinced too. Later, Lindsey rejects a call from the prison – she’s turned her back on her sister.

Also, Jade, Nancy, Jack and Darren go to the teenage cancer ward where Jade meets a fellow patient, Niamh, who tells Jade the doctors can’t do anything more for her. Jade is horrified when she looks on her fundraising page and sees the money has gone!