Marry me, Abi!

Tanya and Max try to talk Abi round when she says she’s not going to Costa Rica because she wants to stay with Jay in Walford. Tanya convinces Abi to see sense when she tells her that she wants a better life for Abi than her own. When Abi breaks the news to Jay she’s stunned when he drops to one knee and proposes, saying that they should make Costa Rica their honeymoon!

Kat double-checks with the Moon brothers about Eddie and they confirm he’s skint. Kat’s rattled when Derek stirs that Roxy and Alfie have become close. When Kat confronts Roxy she awkwardly admits she had a crush on Alfie. Kat realises that Roxy gave Alfie the VAT money. Roxy is hurt when Kat calmly tells her that she’ll no longer be working at the pub then reclaims her place behind the bar next to Alfie.

Derek begs Alice for another chance. He’s heartbroken when she walks away, thinking he’s lost her for ever. Alice later turns up at the Vic and tells Derek that she’d like to continue seeing him, but she can’t because her mum has found out. Alice gives in when Derek begs her to continue meeting up with him in secret.