Kevin has taken on board Shirley’s drunken suggestion from the previous night and decides the only way to win back Denise is to show he is serious about her. He turns up and tries to woo the Fox lady with a diamond ring and a marriage proposal! Denise rejects him immediately, claiming she and the girls are about to leave Walford and there is no way she could marry someone she didn’t trust.

Kevin gives her the ring anyway and leaves. Just as she wistfully tries it, Kevin returns and admits maybe it was a mistake to suggest marriage so soon.
Denise hides her disappointment, but doesn’t manage to hide the ring. After their customary bickering, Denise blurts out maybe they should try getting wed and Kevin is thrilled!

Phil and Ben have a chat about Stella. Will the little Mitchell tell all about the insane solicitor’s weird bullying?

Max panics when he thinks Stacey and Bradley are going on a date. He pretends he’s been thinking about buying a Spanish villa, so they can run away together.

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