‘Marry me, Katie – please!’

Katie’s angry at Declan for letting Robbie stay at Home Farm, but not for long. Declan proposes to Katie, promising that he’ll get rid of Megan and Robbie. He needs Megan now, but he won’t need her after the festival. Along with a diamond ring, Declan gives Katie his solemn word that Megan and Robbie are not going to know what has hit them. Katie likes the sound of that and says ‘Yes!’ And the first shock to hit Megan and Robbie is news of Declan and Katie’s engagement. They thought Katie was on her way out…

Alex could be on his way out of Butler’s Farm… He and Moira have agreed to end their relationship, but Andy catches them having a goodbye kiss and goes ballistic! What about Victoria? he demands. What about her? That’s what Moira wants to know. She had no idea Alex was back on with Victoria. And now Andy tells Alex he has to finish with Victoria or else.

Chas is still playing happy couples with Dan. She insists she’s going to marry him and the Dingles celebrate with a Dingle-style party (beer, wine, beer, lager – and some soft drinks for the kiddies). But the alcohol and the appearance of Cameron weaken Chas’s resolve and she escapes outside to pull herself together. Cameron follows – and they kiss… And Carl sees everything!