Marry me, Leyla!

Despite being Pollard’s son, David isn’t insensitive to a woman’s feelings and has noticed that Leyla is unhappy. So, he has a proposal for her – of the marriage kind! He whisks Leyla away from the drudgery of the shop to The Woolpack, where he champagne lined up and, in front of everyone, including Nathan, he asks Leyla to be his wife. But he doesn’t pop Leyla’s cork. Instead, she says she can’t marry him and runs off. David’s devastated and Nathan smirks in triumph.

At Tug Ghyll, Charity is making a move on Cain… It’s his money she’s after really, not his body, but Cain hasn’t worked that out. Still, he’s not impressed by her offer to cook a family dinner (well, she has boasted about her lack of prowess in the kitchen). She gets a better reaction from him, though, when she appears in nothing but a revealing dressing gown but he leaves before she can tease him further. However, during the happy family dinner, Charity traps Cain in the kitchen and there is definitely a moment between them that leaves Cain confused by Charity’s behaviour…

Marlon’s also being taunted by a woman – Viv. She claims he’s trying to fleece Donna in the divorce and he turns to Moira for comfort. Is he starting to enjoy her company a bit too much?

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