Still sulking after Geoff’s rejection and Kirsty’s lecture, Nicole spots Roman and Charlie flirting in The Diner and she confronts them, demanding to know if they’re an item or not. Later, Morag arrives for a dinner date with Ross and is surprised to find Charlie waiting for her outside. Charlie apologises for her past behaviour and wishes Morag well with Ross. Inside after the romantic meal, Ross proposes to Morag.

Bartlett tells Kirsty he’s aware of her computer illiteracy, but is more impressed with her skills at dealing with the kids. With everything out in the open, it seems Kirsty may be able to make a go of her new job.

After managing to wind everyone up at the school camp, fed-up Nicole flirts outrageously with a rough-looking kitchen hand. Geoff’s concerns increase when he sees her heading into the bush with the kitchen-hand and a six-pack of beer. He alerts Kirsty, and the two find Nicole and the kitchen-hand in a state of undress. Nicole is furious at Geoff for grassing her up. But before Kirsty can get Nicole on her feet, Bartlett arrives. Nicole is in deep trouble.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday September 8*