Pearl accuses Len of being jealous of Billy and of openly flaunting his affection for Edna. Len feels like a swine and admits to Sandy that Pearl might just be right about his feelings for Edna. Meanwhile, Pearl is pouring her heart out to Betty, who advises her friend she should never settle for being second best. Pearl agrees and reluctantly sets off to end her relationship with Len.

However, she is stopped in her tracks by Len producing an engagement ring and professing his love for her. Pearl is ecstatic and accepts his proposal of marriage.

Kelly’s case is referred to Crown Court and she is released on bail. Outside, McNally the journo is sniffing around, and much to Kelly’s delight, Jimmy wades in to protect her. Jimmy admits he is indebted to her for standing by him and vows to do the same for her.

Lisa gets suspicious when Zak cannot even answer the most basic question about the charitable foundation supposedly funding Belle’s education. When she rings the school, Zak is forced to confess that Rosemary is acting as Belle’s benefactor.