‘Marry me Pete!’

Having gone too far with Ross, Debbie is riddled with guilt. She knows she should be happy with Pete, but she can’t help her attraction to his badboy brother Ross. In a bid to keep herself away from him, the single mum finds herself proposing to Pete, who’s only too happy to accept! But when Ross hears about it, after being stitched up by Chrissie, he’s furious.

Needing an outlet for his anger, he tells Chrissie how her very own husband, Robert, was involved in the raid on Home Farm, which saw her dad get kidnapped! As an oblivious Debbie and Pete are celebrating their engagement, a storm is brewing…

Vanessa is desperate to put her one-night-stand with Adam behind her. But when he turns up to Kirin’s birthday party with Victoria, the love-cheat vet struggles to cope. Needing to get away from the village, she plans a few nights away with her teenage lover.

Leyla’s been there for Alicia, supporting her as her sister tries to recover from her ordeal with Lachlan. But is Leyla getting ahead of herself as she dares to hope troubled Alicia has turned a corner?