Director Tim Burton’s gleeful spoof of 1950s B-movies has a great cast, led by Jack Nicholson, and is a real hoot.

Based on a series of bubble gum trading cards, the film’s tacky design’s a delight and Nicholson enjoys himself immensely in twin roles as the American President and a sleazy tycoon.

There are smashing special effects, too, as the cute little green men ‘come in peace’, but then soon get down to the business of zapping Earthlings away.

Outstanding turns come from Annette Bening, Sylvia Sidney, Glenn Close, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lucas Haas, Rod Steiger, Pierce Brosnan and, amazingly, singer Tom Jones who, in his first acting role, is pretty nearly the hit of the show.

Faultless special effects, loads of explosions and bodies flying all over the place as the Martians are battered help to keep this deliciously lively, goofy entertainment.