Martha agrees to go slow with Hugo

Martha pulls away from kissing Hugo. She can’t deny her feelings, but she’s not ready for a relationship – it will betray Jack’s memory. Rachel wonders if Martha is ready to let go of Jack. Martha says a private goodbye to Jack at the beach, before finding Hugo and admitting that she’s willing to try with him, if they take it slow. Hugo accepts and they kiss.

Jai is bleeding from his gunshot wound. He and Xavier go to hospital, but panic and leave when Rachel is about to examine them. Xavier bandages Jai and the boys keep quiet. Annie sees Jai and thinks he’s in pain over their break up. Ruby thinks Xavier is acting weirdly, and when she hears that one of the guns is missing, confronts Xavier. When he admits Jai was shot, Annie tells Jai she wants nothing to do with him.

Geoff’s filled with guilt over Lachie and Irene tells Geoff she can’t throw Claudia out when she has nowhere to go. Geoff talks to Lachie again, but it ends in a shouting match. Claudia tells Rachel that things aren’t well between her and Lachie. Geoff heads to the hospital – only to discover Lachie berating Claudia. Will he intervene?

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