Martha agrees to see less of Jack

Jack gives in to Sam’s ultimatum and agrees to pull back on his friendship with Martha. Martha is hurt and confused that Jack wants to throw their friendship away so easily, but ends up swallowing her pride and telling Sam she respects her wishes.

Meanwhile, Sam refuses to collect Shane’s ashes, but Jack convinces her that scattering her ex-husband’s remains might help Rory come to terms with his dad’s death. Sam reluctantly agrees, and Jack sets about organising a small service on the pier.

At the Campbell Farm, Geoff gets the key to Bruce’s locked cabinet and discovers a china box and his parents’ will. Annie catches him, and in his haste to close the cabinet, Geoff smashes the box, but doesn’t notice a vial of Bruce’s heart medication roll under the cupboard. Not wanting to risk Bruce’s wrath, Annie skips school for Yabbie Creek to buy a replacement box. Meanwhile, Geoff secretly reads his parents’ will, and is angry at its content.

At Summer Bay High, Fisher is disappointed that Annie has been skipping classes and a worried Lucas heads to the farm to check she’s OK. But when he gets there, he and Annie are horrified to discover that someone has poisoned the breeding ewes.

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