Martha and Hugo’s relationship is now out in the open. Most people are happy for them: Xavier, Tony, Alf, Leah. But Colleen isn’t. She’s stressing out at The Diner and calls in Irene to help.

Geoff agrees to look after Ollie while Kirsty is on the trek. Geoff finds this quite challenging and he ends up snapping at Ollie. Geoff admits to Irene he partly did this because he’s upset about what happened with Claudia.

Ruby plans to get Jai and Annie back together on the trek. As the trek gets underway, Annie does talk to Jai as she notices his wound is getting infected. Jai’s exhausted and takes a shortcut, followed by Annie, and they get lost. Blood poisoning to the wound makes Jai ill and he collapses. Miles realises Jai and Annie are missing.

Trey is not happy about going on the trek but his father insists. Trey finds out that he was only allowed on the trek because of Nicole. He crosses Nicole’s name off a mysterious list of names he has been keeping.

Miles senses that Kirsty isn’t that keen about going on the trek. Leah tells Irene about finding Kristy’s contraceptive pills. Miles finds out about this on the trek. He and Kirsty argue.

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