Martha and Jack await the results

Martha and Jack are in agony as they await the results of Martha’s cancer tests. They decide to go on a picnic to take their minds off things and end up having a good time together, despite memories of their last picnic fresh in their minds. But their happy time together is cut short when they arrive home to find Rachel waiting for them with the test results.

Roman and Charlie’s unofficial date is ruined when Nicole arrives home early from the school camp, having been sent home after being caught in a state of undress with the kitchen hand. Roman is furious to hear about Nicole’s latest lapse, but Nicole refuses to see what she’s done wrong and is uninterested in her dad’s efforts to get through to her.

Although she is disappointed after her night with Roman was ruined, Charlie doesn’t want to appear too keen and offers to call off their next date if Roman has his hands full with Nicole. Refusing to let Nicole run their lives, Roman insists the date go ahead, leaving Charlie delighted.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday September 9*