Martha and Jack’s joy turns to tragedy

In hospital, after being diagnosed with a blood clot on the lung, Martha is delighted when Jack spontaneously suggests they get married. Alf and Colleen join them as witnesses and they exchange vows in a ceremony in the hospital grounds. Looking peaceful, Martha closes her eyes, and Jack is stunned to see her slump to the ground. Things don’t look good when the doctors pull out the defibrillator to try to restart her heart. Could Jack have lost Martha on their wedding day?

Roman is stunned when he discovers Elliot has kidnapped Nicole. Meanwhile, under Elliot’s instruction, Nicole calls Roman and pleads for him to go to the Townhouse. But when Roman arrives, Nicole isn’t there, although there is a DVD showing Nicole bound and gagged with a message to Roman to drink the contents of the thermos flask if he wants to find her. With no choice, Roman drinks the liquid and collapses on the floor.

Elsewhere, when Geoff spots Nicole and Elliot boarding a boat apparently to go scuba diving, he gets onboard. Elliot and Nicole dive, but Elliot resurfaces without Nicole. Realising Geoff is on to him, Elliot points a spear gun at Geoff. Terrified, Geoff hits the water and desperately searches for Nicole…

*Showing on RTE One, Monday October 13*

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