Inside the disused mine Martha and Jonah are shocked to realise their escape exit has been completely blocked off. They try to dig themselves out, but abandon the plan when it causes further rock falls. Jonah tries and fails to put Martha at ease, but surprises her when he reveals he was let out of jail early after tests revealed he wasn’t the father of Tasha’s baby.

Later, when Alf and the other searchers fail to find them, they realise they will have to stay in the mine overnight. Meanwhile, when Martha fails to turn up for her shift at the Surf Club Alf, Irene, Geoff and Annie go in search for her at Bruce’s farm, and spot the spray painted car, but no sign of Martha or Jonah. They mount a search but fail to find Martha.

Jack is angry to discover that Martha hasn’t signed the divorce papers, and his fury increases when the court deadline passes. Despite learning that Martha is missing, he resists all efforts to join the search for her, and ends up taking a trip with Sam and Rory to the mountains for a few days.