Martha and Roman go on a date

Keen to make her dinner date with Roman seem casual, Martha invites Morag to join them as a chaperone. The night goes well and, after Morag leaves, Roman and Martha get to know each other with a few kisses.

Belle tells Sally she has been asked to interview her over her sacking as principal, and Sally is keen to explain her side of the story. Meanwhile, Drew is growing more frustrated with Belle’s job at the paper, feeling that it’s taking precedence over the rest of her life, including him. In an effort to prove to Drew that she is a journalist with morals, Belle shows him her article about Sally which praises Sally for her work as principal.

Drew is pleased and the couple look to be back on track. But things quickly go wrong between Drew and Belle again when the article is published. Gavin has rewritten it to paint Sally as a villain, with the headline reading ‘Sacked principal leaves school in crisis’.

Also, after Roman teases him, Geoff realises that he’s a popular guy with the girls of Summer Bay.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday April 17*

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