Fuming Martha confronts Jack over his after work drinks, and asks him why he didn’t let her know he was coming home late. Jack is confused as Martha explains she doesn’t feel like Jack is a part of their marriage any more and it seems he prefers the life of a single man. Luckily, the tensions are broken by the arrival of Tasha and Robbie who ask Jack and Martha to be Ella’s godparents.

But after Robbie and Tasha leave, Martha and Jack start rowing, with Jack telling Martha if he’s such a bad husband, then she can have the house to herself and storms out. He returns later to find Martha packing her bag to leave and he fails to stop her.

Dean admits to Matilda he’s gay and that his dad caught him with a boy – Gareth – before kicking him out. Matilda is calm as he confesses he was sent to the retreat when he hit booze and drugs and shoplifted, getting into trouble with the cops.

Later, Matilda arrives home and breaks down in tears, filling Beth in on what happened with Dean. She then sees Dean at the beach, and encourages him to talk to Gareth, before Lucas turns up and they patch up their friendship.