Martha blows hot and cold with Hugo

Martha breaks apart from Hugo after their kiss. It’s not right, especially as it’s Jack’s birthday. When there’s a power cut, Martha accepts Hugo’s invitation to dinner. But later she changes her mind and cancels, leaving Hugo confused.

Jai is making a short film for the Summer Bay Film Festival. He wants Annie to appear in it with him, but she realises it will involve kissing him, and is outraged. Jai asks Ruby and Xavier to do the kissing scene, and they oblige… and oblige and oblige.

Trey and Nicole continue their romance despite Kirsty and Miles’s disapproval. Nicole sneaks a hesitant Trey through her bedroom window and, the next morning, Kirsty is shocked to discover Trey in bed with Nicole.

Ruby is deciding what to do for her sweet 16th. When Xavier says he wants to give her something special, Ruby then asks Xavier if he will make love to her on her birthday.

Miles is getting clucky. He asks Kirsty if she would have a baby with him. Kirsty is taken aback. With Oliver being particularly demanding, Miles offers to help, but it proves one child is more than enough.

Also, Irene is undecided about attending Lou’s funeral. With Donna there, things could get heated.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday July 9*

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