After seeing Jonah in conversation with Annie, Martha worries he’s going to start the cult again, and talks to Irene about warning the Bay residents. The pair begin with a newspaper ad before putting up fliers and organising a town meeting. After ignoring Sally, who tries to be fair to Jonah, Martha warns Annie against trusting him. But Annie ends up being drawn to sensitive Jonah, despite herself.

Later, Bruce confronts Irene at the town meeting, telling her that if she doesn’t stop causing trouble for Jonah, he’ll get Annie removed from her care as he is the legal guardian. Irene has no choice but to call the meeting off. Meanwhile, Jonah catches Martha spraying a derogatory slogan across his car and pursues her into a disused mineshaft when the entrance is unexpectedly sealed.

Morag calls a meeting with Jazz and Drew, where she reveals she saw Jazz kissing the director of the nursing home. Jazz is shocked as Morag reports she’s investigated the nursing home, and confirmed that Mary wasn’t suffering from dementia, and the socalled director is an imposter, which makes Jazz’s claim to the estate null and void. Disgusted Drew storms out, and refuses to listen as Jazz tries to convince him not to shut her out of his life.