Martha can’t decide what to do. Suspecting Xavier’s money is from Hugo, it brings back memories and she takes out the engagement ring he gave her. She wears it round her neck. Charlie tells her it’s not worth handing the money over. Satisfied, she puts the money back in the roof.

Angelo tells Charlie he’s going fishing with Michael, and Charlie is awkward. Angelo’s jealous, thinking Michael is Charlie’s new boyfriend. Angelo asks Miles to help him spy on her. Miles thinks Angelo’s crazy. Angelo climbs a tree outside Michael’s office to spy. He falls… and Charlie finds him sprawled on the ground!

Annie is upset Romeo’s leaving the play. She asks him to reconsider but he’s reluctant. But just as Mel is about to recast the role, Romeo returns, to Annie’s delight.

Aden finds Nicole walking the streets after working with Britt. She snaps at him, not wanting to talk about it. Aden tells Justin things haven’t been the same since she took that internship and he’s sick of it. Nicole is short with Britt, who placates her and says she has a real future in the industry. When Justin talks to Aden about joining the army again, he reveals he was also abused by their grandfather. Aden’s shocked.

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