At the hospital, Jack wakes up and immediately wants to see Martha after he learns she saved his life by donating her blood. But Martha has slipped away to the bar, where she makes the confession to Alf that she is no longer in love with Jack and wants a trial separation.

She ends up having a drink with Ash, a newcomer to the Bay. One thing leads to another and the pair end up spending the night together. Meanwhile, Tony reluctantly tells a devastated Jack that he might lose the use of his legs. When Martha comes to visit Jack the next morning she’s shocked when one of his old police friends, “Chooka”, also turns up at his bedside – and he turns out to be Ash, the man she slept with last night!

While Leah is thrilled to see Peter again, Dan is finding his return hard to deal with and furiously orders his brother out of the house. But when Drew declares he’s willing to give his dad another chance, Dan relents and the brothers make up. Peter tells his family he wants to leave the Bay to make a fresh start, but Dan, Leah and Drew persuade him to reconsider.
* Screened on RTE, Friday 9th February *