Martha discusses her fears with Jack

Martha is scared about her final dose of chemo and begins to feel sick. Finally, Martha admits to Jack that she is inventing illness to cover up her fear of tomorrow’s session. And when the time comes for her to complete her final session, Martha bolts.

After a Sands’ customer asks Kirsty for a ‘date’, she realises she can no longer work there and quits on the spot. Later, she bumps into Bartlett who offers her a loan which she again turns down. Later, Bartlett offers Kirsty her old job back, but she is worried about the amount of money she’ll need to pay for Kane’s legal battle. Bartlett tells her she should just concentrate on herself.

Jai is feeling insecure following Miles’ break-up with Kirsty, and feels that yet another family has been taken away from him. Alf convinces Miles to talk things through with Jai and he manages to cheer him up.

Kirsty asks Miles if he is getting together with Leah after she saw them having dinner together. Miles denies that anything is going on, which leaves Kirsty relieved. However, the next day, Miles is astonished to see Kirsty back at school, having taken her old job back.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday December 18*

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