Martha fights off her attacker in the hospital car park, and escapes unharmed. The police take DNA samples from under her fingernails and she tries to forget anything happened. Meanwhile, Jack is upset with Sam for letting Martha cross the car park alone.

Sam reacts badly, believing Jack’s angry reaction highlights his feelings for Martha. Sam confides in Reverend Hall who tells Jack that if he doesn’t work things out with Martha soon, he won’t get married. Annoyed, Jack tells the Reverend where to go, leaving Sam furious that he�s jeopardised their marriage.

Later, Jack tells Martha they haven’t found a DNA match, while Sam goes to Martha’s apartment to apologise but finds Michael instead, and is frustrated by his lack of jealousy. Michael then leaves only to spot Jack and Martha together and begins to doubt Martha for the first time.

Michael follows Jack out of the surf club bar and tells him to back off from Martha, before punching him. Jack gets home and Sam tells him he’s got 24 hours to decide whether to get married or not. Jack takes a walk along the beach to think and bumps into Martha. He tells her how he feels and they share a kiss.

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