Martha falls for Henk’s charms

Following his passionate kiss with Cassie, Henk makes it clear to her that it can never happen again. Back at the apartment, Henk is his usual easy-going self, but Martha reads too much into things and starts falling for him. Worried Rachel takes it upon herself to try to warn Martha off. But unaware of Henk’s dark past secret, she dismisses Rachel’s warning as mere jealousy.

Later, Henk is surprised to learn that Martha is interested in him and quickly nips it in the bud. Martha is left with the belief that Henk isn’t interested in having a relationship with anyone at the moment.

Now out of Bruce’s clutches, Annie is finding it tough to adapt to life at Tony’s place. In turn, Tony and Geoff find it hard to get her to open up and when she lies to get out of school, Irene takes her aside and discovers the source of her upset. Although Irene is supportive and kind, Annie is overcome with confusion and shame and runs away. Later, Irene and Geoff are all set to go to the police when the cops turn up on their doorstep with Annie who’s been caught shoplifting.

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