Martha finds missing Jack… with Sam

Martha, Leah and Sally’s nerves are frayed as they face up to the reality that one of their men won’t be coming home. Dan, Alf, and Ric emerge but there’s no sign of Brad or Jack. Brad finally emerges, while Martha panics that Jack is missing. She’s relieved when Alf tells her Jack wasn’t on the boat.

Martha is oblivious that Jack is in the city at Sam’s bedside. She’s had an accident and broken her leg but her life hasn’t changed – she’s still on the run from her dangerous ex husband. Jack insists on looking after her until her leg heals but Sam’s unsure.

Later, Martha arrives to tell Jack she loves him but she’s shocked when she discovers Sam has returned and is forced to hide her dismay, knowing that Jack once had strong feelings for Sam.

Sally explains to Brad why she rejected his proposal, and reveals that she changed her mind when she thought she’d lost him on the boat. Brad proposes again and Sally joyfully accepts.

Also, Lucas stands outside Naomi’s house, watching her. Is Lucas stalking Naomi?

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