Martha has a scare

Martha and Jack are excited to tell the family their baby news. However, their mood turns sour when Martha is rushed to hospital with a miscarriage scare. Luckily everything is fine, but Martha worries when Roman turns up at the hospital wanting to know what has happened to what could be his baby, declaring that he can’t back off from the situation. Finally, they decide to find out who the father of the baby really is and, with Jack out of the room, Martha and Roman sign the consent form for DNA tests.

Charlie Buckton’s 15-year-old sister Ruby and her boyfriend Pat turn up in the Bay, where they cause a stir with their public displays of affection, much to Charlie and her dad’s embarrassment. Charlie is horrified to learn that Pat is the maintenance guy from school. But Ruby gets her own back when she spots the flirtations between Charlie and Roman. Later, Ross and Charlie realise that a wayward boyfriend is the least of their worries when Ruby reveals she has quit school.

Also, Aden feels emotional as he moves out of the townhouse and back home to look after Larry. Nicole tries to make it up with Aden but he rejects her again.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday August 8*

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